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Welcome to Langelinieskolen

Welcome to Langelinieskolen

Langelinieskolen is a primary school located in the center of Østerbro. We are a big school with five classes per school year.

In Denmark the children start in primary school the summer of the year they turn six years of age. Their first year of school is called preschool, where the children will learn the basic knowledge of letters and numbers. They are also taught how to become a well-functioning class, and their teacher is specialized in teaching the specifics of the first year of school.

From the 1st-4th grade, which is when the students are approximately 6-10 years old, they are part of the same class group of maximum 28 children. They will attend our department on Kastelsvej.

As far as possible the children are taught by same the teachers in Danish, Mathematics and English throughout all four years. Besides these subjects the children will also engage in Visual Arts, Music, Sports and Nature/Technology.

From the 5th-9th grade, when the children are 11-16years old, the students along with their class group move to our department in Holsteinsgade, which is where the secondary school at Langelinieskolen is located. In secondary school the classes will be given new teachers and new subjects such as German/French, Physics and Chemistry, Social Studies, Biology and Geography.

The Great Community of Langelinieskolen

At Langelinieskolen we work very hard to create an exciting and stimulating school for all the students through solid academic subjects, strong traditions and an inclusive atmosphere.

We consider all children as an important part of the school environment, and therefore we do our very best to give every student the opportunity, to find his or her voice in this community. By doing that, the students each contribute to an understanding of how we make the years in school great and meaningful.

We take pride in creating education which challenges, motivates and develop each student’s ability to cooperate and reflect - whether it is an everyday reflection or an eyeopener on how things can be done elsewhere in the world.

At Langelinieskolen we strive to deserve the nomination to being a Unicef Right Respecting School, as we have been since 2015. A title which is a challenging obligation, and one that we continually work with in classes, in the student council, with the management, the school board and last but not least our specialized Childrens Rights Council, which includes both students, teachers and the headmaster of the school.

A strong school/parent collaboration is important to us. Especially a collaboration where everyone is aware of the fact that school and parents are teammates throughout all the years of school. So that the children/pupils can maintain the fine balance of being curious, courageous competent and cheerful.  Which is why we expect parents to be curious and trusting towards the school’s didactic and social activities, always keeping in mind that their child will profit and learn better in a well-functioning classroom, and that we all at school as well as at home share a common responsibility for the welfare and well-being of the community.